Josh (Pilot) – TV Review

One from the fresh batch of comedy pilots BBC3 made available to watch online this week, Josh is a gentle slacker sitcom from idiosyncratic stand-up and Last Leg co-host Josh Widdicombe.

After being dumped by his fiancée, Josh is forced to return to his flat share with dim Welshman Owen (Elis James), who spends most of the episode libidinously pursuing the local greengrocer, and Kate (Beattie Edmondson), who frantically tries to revamp her Spotify profile while anxiously awaiting a text from a new love interest.

Unsurprisingly, the humour is based on Widdicombe’s stand up persona, picking at the mundane absurdities of his slacker life with a sarcastic squeak of dismay that quickly escalates into a unexpectedly amusing farce as Josh unsuccessfully tries to convince a local barmaid (Rose Robinson) that he is not a weirdo serial killer.

It’s not particularly new or inventive and Widdicombe’s performance is stiff and uncomfortably awkward, but he is ably supported by an excellent cast – especially Jack Dee’s fabulously tedious landlord – and the story of how this flummoxed nerd copes with a hard break-up could be a fruitful thread if Josh is picked up for a full series.

Click here to watch the pilot for Josh on BBC iPlayer


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