Tripped – TV Review

Picture the scene: you’re sat on your sofa “blowing your nuts off” on mushrooms when your best friend materialises in mid air wielding a massive sword, dressed like an extra from an amateur production of Spamalot. Sounds like the worst trip ever, right?

Unfortunately for George Webster’s hapless slacker Milo, the opening scene to E4’s mind boggling new comedy Tripped is no drug induced hallucination but an introduction into a frighteningly real war that’s being waged across parallel dimensions.

With such a high concept premise there should be endless opportunities for bonkers scenarios as Milo and his henpecked best friend Danny (The Inbetweeners’ Blake Harrison) zip through outlandish worlds encountering warped versions of themselves – all whilst being pursued by Gadd’s medieval warrior.

Yet the brighter ideas are often stifled by a script that relies too heavily on an ordinary-boys-in-extraordinary-circumstances formula and lacks the self-aware wit to make the predictable endearing.

The young cast work admirably to inject some warmth into their roles – Danny’s weepy goodbye to his dying alternate self is surprisingly affecting – but they’re hampered by one-note characters. Webster plays a gormless slacker, Harrison is his maturing best friend and rising star Georgina Campbell is particularly squandered as Danny’s killjoy fiancé Kate.

Tripped isn’t without its moments of gonzo humour, with an incestuous encounter between Milo and his grandmother being a particular, skin crawlingly gross, highlight, but it dedicates too much time to dull bickering between the two friends to ever be consistently laugh-out-loud.

All in all, you’re better off skipping the trip and having an early night. Which is probably what Milo wishes he had done in the first place.

Click here to watch Tripped on 4od


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