100 Code – TV Review

There’s something almost admirable about this Swedish-set crime drama’s dedication to formula.Opening with an image of a young woman’s naked corpse posed artfully in the dirt, 100 Code attacks every recognisable trope with all the gusto of a serial killer hunting his next victim.
The show stars Lost’s Dominic Monaghan as Thomas Conley, a tortured New York detective on the tail of a creepy serial killer who buries his victims alive. His obssesive hunt leads all the way to Stockholm where he’s forced to team up with retiring Swedish cop Eklund (Michael Nyqvist’s Eklund) to investigate a series of murders of young blonde women in the hope it may shed some light on his own case.
If that all sounds like every other crime drama you’ve ever seen, that’s because it is. The clunky script is cobbled together from every crime cliche imaginable and the lead characters are such hollow archetypes that Monaghan and Nyqvist’s committed performances are wasted in their attempts to instil any sense of depth or pathos within their wooden shells.
The only thing working in the show’s favour is that, given the barren nature of the TV schedules in these hazy post-Christmas days, it’s probably still the most entertaining series available. Especially when the alternative is watching a re-run of Lesbian Vampire Killers.


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