Weekly TV News Round-Up

This week, in TV news: Daredevil and Game of Thrones get release dates, Jeremy Renner becomes a knight and M. Night Shamalan tells more Tales From the Crypt…


Matt’s Back

Netflix has finally announced when Marvel’s Daredevil is launching its second series, courtesy of an artful and darkly-hued trailer released this week. Filled with all the religious symbolism and violent imagery we’ve come to expect from Matt Murdock, the sneak peak offers a handy recap of season one’s punishing origin story before hinting at further soul searching and bloodletting to come as Hell’s Kitchen’s conflicted vigilante asks, “Father, why do I still feel guilty?” Circle March 18 in your diary for the start of your next Daredevil binge.


Winter is coming… and so are new episodes

Fans itching to discover which fate befell Jon Snow after his betrayal by the Night’s Watch don’t have too long to wait. Game of Thrones will return to UK screens on April 25. As well as solving the mystery surrounding Snow’s demise – which HBO has been doing an excellent job of trolling in its promotional material – season six should be full of surprises as the new episodes will be the first to air ahead of George RR Martin’s books, with the author recently revealing his next novel The Winds of Winter will not be out before the new season. Richard E Grant, Ian McShane and Max Von Sydow will all join the cast for season six, which airs on these shores on Sky Atlantic.


Jeremy Renner is a Templar Knight

Best known as The Avengers’ deadly archer Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner will soon be swapping his bow and arrow for a broadsword and chainmail when his joins the Knight’s Templar later this year. The actor will guest star in Knightfall, a 10-episode drama chronicling the true stories of the elite warriors of the Crusades. He’ll also co-produce the series via his company The Combine.


The Cryptkeeper Lives!

Make sure there’s plenty of room behind the sofa – Tales From the Crypt is about to scare its way back onto screens. Horror movie king M Night Shamalan is driving the revival, teaming with TNT to curate a two-hour block of new horror stories for the classic anthology series. Currently scheduled for a vague ‘this fall’ air-date, you don’t have to be a clairvoyant to guess it’ll probably arrive just in time for Halloween.


Super-Average Joes

DC Comics is continuing to expand its TV universe… with a workplace sitcom. That’s right, NBC this week picked up Powerless, which follows “the exceedingly average employees of an American insurance firm” as they mop up after superheroes’ and villains’ epic fights for survival. Ben Queen, creator of cancelled comedy A to Z, is developing the series. No word yet on which – if any – superheroes and villains will make an appearance, but here’s hoping for a Ben Affleck cameo as Batman tries to insure his rocket-powered Batmobile.


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