Five 80s Cult Classics Primed for All-Female Reboots

It may have been one of the most negatively anticipated movies of the decade, but Paul Feig’s all-female reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise is now a bona fide fit. Scoring rave reviews and North America’s biggest live action comedy debut of the year, here’s hoping the movie’s success finally proves to those sexist online trolls that, yes, women can do anything their Y chromosome-sporting counterparts can do – even headlining a successful sci-fi comedy.
The success of Ghostbusters even had one twitter user calling for all cult movies from the 80s to be remade with women in the lead roles. While we wouldn’t quite go that far, it did get us thinking: which other 80s classics would benefit from a female touch? Here are five movies we think are perfect for an all-female reboot.
Weird Science
A surprise hit in the summer of 1985, John Hughes’ teen sci-fi comedy saw Anthony Michael Hall and IIan Mitchell-Smith’s nerdy outcasts accidentally creating their perfect dream girl after a misbegotten experiment with a doll and a government computer system. The movie earned cult status for its goofy laughs and enjoyable performances, but let’s be honest, the cameras constant oggling of Kelly Le Brock’s tanned curves just will not do in 2016. It’s time to redress the gender balance and recast the movie with teenage girls recreating their perfect man. Joey King (Independence Day: Resurgence) and Leslie Mann’s eldest sprog Maude Apatow would take the lead roles and who better than Chris Hemsworth to play the girls’ sexy Frankenstein – after all, he’s already proved his comedic chops by damn near stealing the show from Melissa McCarthy and co as handsome-but-dim receptionist Kevin in Ghostbusters.
This fantasy comedy, about a high school student who discovers his family has an unusual pedigree when he finds himself transforming into a werewolf, helped to cement Michael J Fox’s status as a rising star in 1985. Centring on an average boy who notices his body suddenly changing in unexpected ways, Teenwolf is a fun allegory for the onset of puberty. That’s why it’s a perfect fit for an all-female reboot. With our increasing awareness of how stick-thin models and unrealistic depictions of women in the media are exacerbating young women’s body confidence issues, how great would it be to see a movie showing the world that there’s no reason to be ashamed of how you look? An all-female Teenwolf could be that movie – because god knows Teen Witch wasn’t.
Back to the Future
Much like the movie that inspired this list, Back to the Future is an untouchable classic, which is why we should revisit it as an all-female homage set in the exact same world. Our update could even see Miss McFly travelling back to the 1985 setting of the original to bask in the era of glam rock, mix tapes and hideous hairstyles – since we seem to be enjoying an 80s-tinged revival at the moment. The plot would see a modern day McFly escape a mother who’s stuck in a dead-end job and a father who’s a useless oaf by travelling back in time to the day her parents first met. In the same way the original saw Marty teaching his dad to stick up for himself, our version would see McFly help her mom follow her dreams. It would undoubtedly spark fresh outrage among those sexist online trolls, which is all the more reason to make it happen.
Indiana Jones
Ever since Harrison Ford last donned the iconic fedora and bullwhip combo in 2005’s Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, there’s been much talk of further sequels or possible reboots with a younger man cast in the title role. Such gossip has predictably come to nought so far, largely because the idea of replacing an actor such as Ford is a near impossible challenge – as Alden Ehrenreich is soon to discover. That’s why reimagining the character as a woman – our pick would be fellow Star Wars alum Daisy Ridely, natch – is the best way forward. Not only would this sidestep any pesky comparisons with Ford’s performance, but by casting a woman in the role of a cool, resourceful archaeologist, we could inspire a generation of girls to take an interest in science. Plus, with an Alicia Vikander-starring Tomb Raider reboot on the way, women would have the archaeology-action genre all sewn up.
Mad Max
Remember when Mad Max came roaring back onto our screens in a cacophony of heavy metal and off-the-wall carnage in last year’s Fury Road? That long-awaited sequel was celebrated by critics, audiences and awards judges alike; not, as you might have expected, for Tom Hardy’s debut as the titular taciturn hero, but for the introduction of Charlize Theron’s unhinged warrior Imperator Furiosa. As a strong-willed, steely avenger who rebels against her master to rescue a quintet of sex slaves – not to mention somehow managing to wrangle the powerful-looking War Rig despite having a mechanical left arm – Theron thoroughly deserved the critical recapture she received. It’s why news that a potential sequel featuring her character has been scrapped was met with disappointment. But we say a bit part in a sequel wasn’t good enough, anyway: Furiosa deserves a movie in her own right. So make it happen George Miller. Please.

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