The Wild Cards are coming: George R. R. Martin confirms sci-fi series set for TV

Winter may be coming as Game of Thrones gears up for its final two series, but fans fearing how they will fill their time once the series has finished can now rest easy. George R. R. Martin has announced his Wild Cards series is to be adapted for Universal.

Set largely during an alternate history of post-World War II United States, the series follows humans who contracted the Wild Card virus, an alien virus that rewrites DNA and mutates survivors; those who acquire minor or crippling physical conditions are known as Jokers, and those who acquire superhuman abilities are known as Aces.

Written by a collection of authors and encompassing 22 novels to date, the sprawling series represents a huge challenge for writers Melinda Snodgrass and Gregory Novek that is at least comparable to that of bringing Game of Thrones to TV.

One piece of early news that should please long-term fans of the series, though, is confirmation from Martin that the Sleeper, a man who transforms every time he sleeps, each time waking up with a new appearance and new powers, will definitely appear in the show. “It wouldn’t be Wild Cards without the Sleeper,” the author wrote in his blog.

Game of Thrones is currently prepping to shoot its seventh season, which will arrive a little later than previous installments, while Martin is hard at work on the sixth book in the series The Winds of Winter. Yes, he’s still not finished it.


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