Is Wolverine 3 the last outing for Patrick Stewart’s Professor Charles Xavier?

We already knew the forthcoming Wolverine 3 will likely be the last outing for Hugh Jackman’s hirsute hero, but another long-standing X-Man may also be stepping down. Sir Patrick Stewart has hinted it may be the last time his plays Professor Charles Xavier.

The veteran actor told ITV today that he expects to step away from the character he has played for 17 years.

“I would imagine this is probably the end of this franchise for me. But the thing about science fiction and fantasy is that you can never, ever say it’s the end, it’s over.

“Jean Grey vaporised me [in X-Men: The Last Stand]. From which you would think there would be no return. But watch out in March. I’m going to be back.”

Directed by James Mangold, Wolverine’s third solo outing is based on Marvel Comic Old Man Logan, which follows the hero in a dystopian future after leaving his crime fighting days behind him following the extinction of the X-Men.

Joining Jackman for this adventure will be Stephen Merchant, Boyd Holbrook, Eriq La Salle, Elizabeth Rodriguez and Elise Neal, and is scheduled for a March 2017 release.


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