Could Love Actually 2 really happen?

Love Actually has become a bona fide Christmas favourite for families since its release in 2004. That’s largely because it manages to wrap up all its multi-stranded love stories into one pleasant little bow by the end, leaving everyone involved to enjoy their turkey and live happily ever after.

So you’d think, even in these sequel-happy times, that Love Actually is the last movie that needs a follow-up. Yet, that’s exactly what could happen in the film’s producers get their way.

Working Title co-chairman Eric Fellner recently talked up the possibility of a sequel in an interview with The Independent.

“What my founder Tim [Bevan] and I would love to do [is] another Love Actually. But that would all be about whether Richard Curtis wants to write another one. But that’s one we often talk about,” he told the publication.

The crucial bit of detail there is of course that Richard Curtis – the original movie’s writer and director – has apparently expressed zero interest in making a follow-up, which pretty much pours cold water on the whole idea. Especially when you consider Curtis effectively retired from filmmaking after the release of 2013’s About Time.


At least Colin Firth seemed excited about the possibility of returning as Jamie for a potential sequel.

He told The Independent: “Oh my goodness, you’ve just sent a shiver down my spine.”

“It’s never been asked or suggested before. Would it need to be the same people? I don’t know.”

When asked if he’d be down to star, he said: “Yeah, why not. I’ll take whatever comes – just send me a good script and if the people are there…”

It seems the ball is in your court Mr Curtis…


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