Star Wars: Rogue One has more behind the scenes changes

The Incredibles’ Michael Giacchino has replaced Alexandre Desplat as the composer of Star Wars: Rogue One, in the latest round of behind the scenes changes for the space opera spin-off.

Earlier this year the production reconvened to shoot additional scenes for the movie, with Tony Gilroy tagging along to assist (or oversee, as some reports suggested) director Gareth Edwards work, prompting rumours Disney was unhappy about the shape of the story.

It appears those reshoots are behind the latest reshuffle with the last minute schedule change leaving Desplat unavailable to work on the movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

That has allowed Giacchino to step into breach, and he has some mighty big shoes to fill. We’re not just talking about Desplat, who is a very successful composer in his own right. By stepping into the role, Giacchino becomes the first composer to score a Star Wars movie who isn’t named John Williams.

That’s right, Giacchino has to live-up to the expectations set by one of the greatest composers of all time and do so for one of the biggest franchises in cinematic history. No pressure, fella.

To be fair, the man has a pretty impressive CV of his own. Giacchino has already worked on Zootopia and Star Trek Beyond this year (he’s actually scored all the films in the rebooted franchise), and has the Benedict Cumberbatch-starring Doctor Strange to come later this year.

Star Wars: Rogue One arrives in cinemas on December 16. But you already knew that, right?


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