Another major character is returning to The Simpsons

Remember a couple of years ago when The Simpsons’ executive producer Al Jean set virtual tongues wagging by promising to kill off a major character?

And how infuriating it was when it turned out that ‘major character’ was actually Rabbi Hyman Krustofski, father of Krusty the Clown?

Well, the whole sorry saga just got more annoying because the show has announced they’re brining the stern religious leader back from the dead.

Yes, just like Homer’s mom and Frank Grimes before him, everyone’s favourite barely-memorable cartoon rabbi will appear from beyond the grave in a forthcoming episode.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the character – voiced by comedian Jackie Mason – will appear to his son as a hallucination in festive episode The Nightmare After Krustmas.

Apparently, Krusty gets himself into a spot of bother during his baptism as he attempts to convert to Christianity from Judaism following an incident with his daughter.

As Jean explained: “Krusty is going to die, so his mind flashes to the wackiest thing it can think of which is a Frozen parody, and then he sees his dad and his dad talks to him in this hallucination.

“It’s the last thing Krusty sees before he’s about to die.” Relax, Simpsons fans, that doesn’t mean Krusty is about to bite the dust too.

And it seems Krustofski’s spiritual resurrection has been in the pipeline all along, with Jean commenting after the characters supposed death in 2014: “We told [Jackie Mason] that didn’t mean the end of his part in the show. He could certainly come back as a memory of Krusty.”

What are the odds that we could see Maude Flanders walking around Springfield again before too long?


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