Hooten and The Lady – TV Review

Watch out Indiana Jones, there’s a new rogue adventurer in town and he’s coming after your fedora. His name is Hooten (no Mr, please), a reckless American opportunist played by Michael Landes who joins forces with thrill-seeking British Museum employee Lady Alexandra (Ophelia Lovibond) to travel the globe in search of lost treasure in Sky1’s frothy adventure drama Hooten and The Lady.

In last night’s series opener, the treasure-hunting duo are thrown together in their search for El Dorado – the fabled Lost City of Z (or Zee, as Mr Hooten insists on pronouncing it). Naturally, they’re not the only ones looking to get their hands on the gold, with unscrupulous explorers and grumpy tribespeople (not the most politically correct depiction, it must be said) lurking behind every tree hoping to steal the treasure for themselves.

Though set in the present day, there’s something unquestionably antiquated about Tony Jordan’s (Hustle) latest drama (a posh Brit teaming up with a rogue American, crumpled treasure maps found in caves, jokes at the expense of the French) which lapses into cliché a little too often for my taste.

But while genuine surprises are harder to come by then a mobile signal in the middle of the Amazon, the central pairing spark off each other well and there’s plenty of exotic locations and brisk, borderline-slapstick high jinks to offer an evening of comfy entertainment. It’s perfect viewing for those Friday night’s spent curled up on the sofa.


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