Hugh Jackman says goodbye to Wolverine with gift for Bryan Singer

Playing Wolverine has made seen Jackman rise to one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars, but as he prepares to wave goodbye to the hirsute X-Man in next year’s solo outing he’s shown he’s not too big to forget the man who gave him his start.
In a touching parting gift to Bryan Singer, who first cast him in the role for 2000’s X-Men after Irish actor Stuart Townsend dropped out at the last minute, Jackman sent the director a signed comic book mock up of the two as Wolverine and Charles Xavier.
Signed with the caption “Dear Bryan, it all started with you, Bub! 199-2016! From the bottom of my heart, thank you.” Singer posted a snap of the gift on Instagram.


Since being cast, Jackman has appeared in eight movies as Wolverine, a mutant with indestructible metal claws who posses the ability to heal himself, most recently as a cameo in this year’s Apocalypse.
His last appearance will be in the as-yet-untitled final Wolverine film, which is due for release in March next year. It is believed to be a sequel to this years’ X-Men: Apocalypse with diabolical villain Mr Sinister (teased in a post credits scene of Apocalypse) set to be Wolverine’s antagonist.

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