Doctor Who’s Christmas special will feature it’s very own superhero

If the abundance of Marvel and DC properties on telly these days isn’t enough superhero action for you, you’re in luck. Apparently, this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special will have it’s very own super-powered hero.
Justin Chatwin – he of Orphan Black, American Gothic and Shameless US fame – will join Peter Capaldi’s Doctor for the festive episode later this year.
The casting was announced by Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffat when the pair appeared on CTV’s Your Morning in Canada to tease the first look at series 10 of the long-running sci-fi show.

“We’ve got a wonderful Canadian actor – Justin Chatwin – who’s in it,” Capaldi beamed on Canadian TV. “He told me if I mentioned his name I’d get a free drink!”

The Time Lord continued: “[Justin’s] in it, which is brilliant. We just finished filming it on Friday. It’s very festive. I don’t know quite what I can say about it!”

“Justin is a superhero – as all Canadians are,” Steven Moffat teased.

As you can see, the pair were pretty cagey on the details as to how or why Justin’s character will be involved in the story. Could he be the Doctor’s temporary companion, filling in for a one-off episode before Pearl Mackie arrives in series 10? Or will he be the dastardly foe looking to spoil the Doctor’s Christmas fun?

With the Christmas special expected to air on 25 December on BBC1, we only have a few short months to wait before we find out.


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