When will Humans series two arrive?

Least we forget that Westworld is not the only techno-fear thriller about sentient robots rising up to overthrow humanity, channel 4 has announced the second series of Humans will roll-out on Sunday, 30 October at 9pm.
The news was confirmed by Gemma Chan, who stars in the series as an amnesiac synth working as a maid for a human family, who tweeted a picture of the show’s poster on the London underground along with the air date.

Based on Swedish series Real Humans, the series explores the (mostly negative) impact the invention of life-like androids has on our culture and society. The first series focused on a band of synths who are bestowed with consciousness by their reclusive creator and set out to find the hidden code that will grant life to their fellow robot kind.

 All we know about the second run so far is that it will pick up a few months after the first series, which saw the synths going on the run from the authorities, and will see the synths more deeply entrenched in our society.
“Things are developing fast, as technology does in all areas,” writer Sam Vincent said. “There’s lots of new, society-wide effects which we’re going to tell stories in.”
The series also stars Colin Moran, Rebecca Font and Katherine Parkinson, with Carrie Ann Moss joining the second series as the show’s designated cool-american-actress-who-helps-sell-the-show-in-the-states.

Humans was Channel 4’s biggest drama hit in 20 years when its first series aired last year, so here’s hoping for more of the same when the second series arrives on Sunday, 30 October at 9pm.


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